2015-2016 Officers

 President: Ailie Fraser

Ailie Fraser is a third year PhD student. When this Canadian is not busy studying design, she enjoys singing and playing music, as well as hiking, surfing, canoeing, and pretty much anything outdoors.

  Vice President: Stephanie Chen

Stephanie is a second year Masters student in Computer Science & Engineering. In her free time, she likes to swim/bike/run, surf and scuba dive.

  Treasurer and Scribe: Nida Hussain

Nida Hussain is a second year masters student concentrating in HCI. When she’s not counting our money, she spends her free time spends her free time practicing sitar - shout out to the world music 95 class at UCSD - and training for her first half marathon.

  Publicity Manager and Undergrad WIC Coordinator: Mansi Malik

Mansi Malik is a second year Masters student. When not studying software engineering, she can be found in a volleyball court, dance studio or Hogsmeade.

 Event Coordinator: Antonella Wilby

Antonella Wilby is a second year PhD student who builds underwater robots for ocean exploration. When not in the lab, she is most likely found climbing a mountain, diving in the ocean, or solo backpacking through the wilderness.

2015-2016 Officers


 Ailie Fraser  

 Vice President

 Yasmine Kotturi  


Olivia Simpson   

 Publicity Manager

 Karyn Benson  


 Kristen Wetts  

 Event Coordinator

 Niki Vazou  

2014-2015 Officers


 Olivia Simpson  

 Vice President

 Neha Chachra   Facebook (soon)


Malveeka Tewari    Google


 Laura Pina  → University of Washington